På denne siden finner du en samlet oversikt over kurs, konferanser, seminarer m.m. som arrangeres i Norge innenfor feltet nord-sør.


På Global-Torget kan organisasjoner og kursaktører tilby og etterspørre kurs. Tilbud og etterspørsler etter kurs vil bli lagt på denne nettsiden og postet i et nyhetsbrev med dette formål.


Torget har et eget nyhetsbrev. Meld deg på her:

  • Commissioning for Outcomes and Co-production

    15. - 16. mars og 29. - 30. juni.
    Commissioning for Outcomes and Co-production is an approach that involves working collaboratively with local people and providers to maximise the value created by public spending across social, environmental and economic outcomes (the triple bottom line).

  • Project design: the logical framework approach

    3. mai (Bond) This course will take you step by step through the process of creating a logframe. You will get to grips with the logic, learn how to write useful indicators and think about how to verify them. The course is conducted through practical group work, taking a case study from assessment and project identification through to completed logframe.

  • Managing the project cycle

    5. mai (Bond) Find out all you need to know about how to plan, run and manage an international development project, with specific focus on the practical planning and implementation phases. Learn about the tools that are central to success, including Gantt charts and critical path analysis, and how to apply them.

  • Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation

    (9.-13. mai INTRAC) This course builds on participants’ understanding and skills of how to develop sustainable and cost effective monitoring and evaluation processes and practices within their own projects and organisations. It is also relevant for those trying to improve and enhance current M&E processes, or supporting partners to develop and implement effective M&E. The focus is on ensuring M&E contributes towards improving organisational learning and accountability.

  • Theory of change essentials

    16. mai (Bond) Keep hearing about theory of change but not quite sure what it is or how to use it? A growing number of organisations find that this way of understanding how change happens helps them focus on what really matters – their unique contribution to development.

  • Organisational Development

    (16. - 20. mai INTRAC) This course is designed for those who wish to use an organisational development approach to address complex organisational change, improve organisational performance and strengthen organisational learning. The course will enhance participant’s knowledge of organisational development and introduce a range of tools and models for ‘reading’ organisations and designing and facilitating successful processes of organisational change and development.

  • Theory of Change for Planning and Impact Assessment

    (17.  21. oktober, INTRAC) Interest in developing and using Theories of Change both for planning and assessing impact has grown rapidly over the last few years. Theories of Change can be set at different levels and are being used in a number of ways. At one end of the scale, they are pulled together by one person to support a programme proposal or a specific donor demand.