På denne siden finner du en samlet oversikt over kurs, konferanser, seminarer m.m. som arrangeres i Norge innenfor feltet nord-sør.



På Global-Torget kan organisasjoner og kursaktører tilby og etterspørre kurs. Tilbud og etterspørsler etter kurs vil bli lagt på denne nettsiden og postet i et nyhetsbrev med dette formål.


Torget har et eget nyhetsbrev. Meld deg på her:

Kurs i Norge

PhD Course: Freedom of Religion or Belief – Legitimate and Illegitimate Limitations

(Norwegian Centre for Human , The Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, 11.-13. mars 2019) PhD Course 3 ECTS/ Professional Training. While the course is primarily aimed at PhD candidates doing research on this area, it is also open to professionals (with different backgrounds) who have an interest or are working with issues concerning Freedom of Religion or Belief.

Kurs utenfor Norge

Introduction to international development

(BOND 15. - 16. januar)  This course quickly brings you up to speed with the most important global issues and emerging debates. You will learn about the historical context to development work, the global balance of power and the major actors, as well as the current approaches to development and what makes for successful development work.

Commissioning for Outcomes and Co-production

(NEF-Consulting 22. januar) Training workshops for those working together to deliver better outcomes for people and communities. Commissioning for Outcomes and Co-production is an approach that involves working collaboratively with local people and providers to maximise the value created by public spending across social, environmental and economic outcomes (the triple bottom line).

Managing the project cycle

(BOND 4. februar) Find out all you need to know about how to plan, run and manage an international development project, with specific focus on the practical planning and implementation phases. Learn about the tools that are central to success, including Gantt charts and critical path analysis, and how to apply them.

Advocacy Strategy and Influencing Skills

(INTRAC 11. - 15. februar) This course introduces participants to the core skills needed to influence powerful stakeholders and policy processes in a range of contexts. It also gives participants a thorough understanding of how to develop and monitor effective advocacy strategies. You will explore tools for analysing where power lies on your issue and who has a stake in it. You will learn how to develop a theory of change and how to tailor your advocacy to the interests of those you seek to influence. You will also learn skills in communicating an advocacy message, face-to-face influencing techniques, using the media, public campaigning, and research for advocacy purposes.